Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Dose of Encouragement

You are the healed of the Lord. Jesus came to forgive your sins and heal your diseases. The price has been paid for your healing. The crown of thorns, that Christ wore on the cross, was for your mental healing. Every stripe that Christ took on his body was for your physical healing. Many had unbelief some 2,000 years ago and the same holds true today.
God's Word says that according to your faith be it unto you (Mat. 8:5). Speaking words of faith is speaking God's Word. There is power in His Word. The bible says even demons believe and tremble.
You can rise up and walk in wholeness; nothing missing, nothing broken. You can rise up and walk with assurance that your sins are forgiven. You have the same spirit that Christ raised from the dead living on the inside of you!
You can no longer live in condemnation and sickness if you belong to Jesus. Christ came to save you from all that. The enemy has been defeated. Let's rejoice!!

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